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Past Trial 


Staying as stress free as possible on your wedding or event day is crucial.

A trial session for hair and makeup will give you the confidence of knowing you will love the look you and your stylist has chosen for your wedding day.

The trial session will help you to estimate how long the process will take so you can budget your time accordingly.

Donna will listen to what you want and offer some suggestions if needed.

If you are not sure of which style will best suit your wedding, Donna will try a couple of options if necessary.

To assist you in choosing a hairstyle it is helpful to choose a theme or an era.

Donna suggest that you do some homework. Search the web, books, or magazines for hairstyle images that you like.

It's important to communicate to your stylist what you like, but also what you don't like.

Make sure to choose a style that works with your natural hair texture. While choosing a style, keep in mind the expected temperatures for your location.

Tip: Schedule your trial on a day where you have somewhere to go afterwards. This ensures you get the most for your money. It also gives you a good idea of how your style will hold up. You may also want to book your trial the day of your engagement or bridal photos.

What to bring to your trial session;


Headpiece, Veil, or Hair Accessary

Photo of your dress

Picture of styles you like

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